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Friday, 22 January 2016

TimHoWan Review

Location: Chatswood, Sydney

The world's cheapest Michelin star restaurant. A whole lotta people in here, it was packed. We had to queue up, it took 15 minutes. We were quickly seated, the service was fast and Asian-- take order, slam dish down, leave. We ordered the Vermicelli Roll w pork, all the dumplings, tried the special Lychee dessert, and the famous pork bun.

My final verdict though, is that it was just mediocre Chinese food you could get any other place. You're paying $8+ for a small dish which are yum cha prices, I saw why not just go to Yum-cha? It's more fancier and the tables are nice and round and you get good table service. It's all the same, there was nothing special about any of the dishes.

The pork bun has a crispy outside, it's sweet and the meat filling is salty. I didn't do well for me, too overwhelming for the palate in a bad way. I would just like to eat the outside bun, but then I could just go to Papparoti because it tasted just like that.

The Lychee dessert was literally 3 small single lychee balls deep fried and for $6, that's complete and utter bullshit. That's it? so disappointed.

2/5 STARS.

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