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Friday, 22 January 2016

Hello Kitty Diner Review

What a cute place with nice little decor. We've already eaten dinner so I wanted a drink. I ordered the Salted pretzel freak shake and my friend ordered the Yatsu curd. 

The place is actually quite small, so we had to sit on the bar area. 

$15 for a freak shake milkshake is quite expensive. And one the workers there told me that they ran out of donuts and offered to substitute for an ice-cream cone. I refused and was disappointed, *what about my perfect instagram photo??????* *ice cream cone over a donut??* oh honey.....

The girl that told me the unfortunate news was a bit iffy. At least can I have something for free. Hmm. Service 2/10.

So I refused and she told me it will be a 15 minute wait for donuts. I was time-short and was actually dying a little inside, but I must move forward! It's hello kitty diner! I was looking forward to this and the damn donut to complete my aesthetic Instagram shot. and Donuts in general. 

30 minutes (what felt like) later it arrived. Cute lookin right? The milkshake was tasty. the Yatsu curd one is citrusy and weird lol. IDK what it was but it's some Jap citrus. Mine tasted better. The donut was good (Krispy Kreme), it was enjoyable but I wish I wasn't in a hurry so I can enjoy it more. I felt sick afterwards. 

  • OK-ish Milkshake, worth $15? I don't know. Should have went to XS Espresso.....it's $7.
  • Ran out of donuts, I got angry
  • iffy service...
  • Aesthetic grid tables 
  • good to go once


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