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Friday, 2 October 2015

Starting new with iPhone 6s

Got the new iPhone 6s in gold. I wanted rose gold but it was all sold out :( SAD FACE.
Oh well. Same thing, same substance, ya gonna wear a case for it anyway so wat the point. Right? See? Positive thinking.

I dropped my other 5s in the toilet while slightly intoxicated at my boyfriend's 21st. That's okay. It was an accident + it slipped outta my back pocket. Shit happens. We put it in rice. No asian engineers came to fix it, not even rice could lure them in.

Goodbye to all the secret screenshots I took while on Facetime. All the photos I didn't back up.
But most importantly, goodbye to all the porn I never got to watch that was saved in my reading list, farewell.

Forget the past. There are new memories to be made and new porn to discover.


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