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Friday, 2 October 2015

Kingsfood Restaurant Review

It's pretty hidden from Sunnybank's Market Square because you have to cross the road to get to it. The interior was very simple, just a typical Asian restaurant.

Ordered a few dishes. The "salty fish" fried rice. Which was eh, normal. 

Soya chicken was good. We got the large plate which was $20.  It's chicken marinated in soy sauce, and it tasted good as you expect.

Some standard vegetables. Bok choy, baby corn etc.

Excuse the horrid quality, this was your regular special fried rice.

and the absolute star of the day was the Honey chicken. It was sweet without overpowering, extremely crisp to perfection and very very delicious! I have never had it before, but it was the bloody best I've ever tasted.

We did order the sizzling 3 cup chicken which tasted unique and ..it was OK, not the best as people say. Honey chicken has my heart.

Overall, average prices, great honey chicken, and one of the Chinese restaurants in Sunnybank that doesn't actually suck ass.

3/5. Would come back, maybe, for the honey chicken.
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