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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What I did in Toowoomba

IDEK what this blog is! It's a mess. LOL. ANYWAY. Yesterday was labour day and I travelled 1.10 hours South to Toowoomba. We passed the Big Orange (I think it's just a fruit shop) and a lot of cows and all the typical rural sceneries.

I took these photos with my iphone and it was really speedy!

#1. Japanese gardens. 
  • #1 thing to do according to Tripadvisor. It was so weird because people's houses were just literally down the block.
  • cool big gooses that were hiding n cute
  • nice bridge
  • cool garden

This was ok

there were 3 big gooses/duck/bird thingies n they were so cute and you would just see them sitting under the plant in the shade in so CUTE ARHJJJJJJJJJJJJHHHHHHHHHGH

Here's me posing on a red bridge

Here's a bird tree


#2: Picnic Point
  • It on a mountain
  • you could see the views
  • we ate at the picnic area
  • it was nice
  • there was a walk you can do/hike
  • there was a cool waterfall

me on waterfall. on rock. pose

#3. Laurel Bank Park

  • cool nice flower
  • nice archy thing w shades 
  • cool man statue
  • "around the world" flower thing 
  • chill
  • thomas the train

After we were kinda exhausted since it was so sweaty. There was a lot more to do! I WANT TO DO THEM ALL. But, we were tired. We stopped at maccas on the way back to cool down & got frappes.

And visited the Cabbage farm directly behind it where we stood wet patched and in some sort of funky cow manure. (fml- I was wearing thongs too). But i really liked the cabbages. It was nice n big. Should've taken a panorama view of it. Also, next adventure- should go to Wivenhoe Dam  (even though I've already been w/ Liam) but since it's along the way, more closer than I expected- only 40 minutes drive from my house.

It was a pleasant day.

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