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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Therapeutic Communication


  • Helpful
Active listening:
  • Fully attentive and present
  • Does not interrupt their flow of though
  • Silence, concentration, observation, non-verbals
  • Listen to facts and attached values, attitudes and feelings
Sharing observations:
  • Reflect back on observations
  • "It seems like you've had a difficult time.."
  • "Many people would be angry if that happened to them"
  • Apt and well timed naming of feelings
Open-ended questions:
  • can you tell me more about?
  • Would you try to explain?
  • How do you feel about?
  • Would you like to tell me more about yourself?
Closed questions:
  • Requires a Short answer
Focused questions:
  • Wants information
  • "will you describe the pain to me?"

  • "Im not sure I follow you
  • Thats not clear to me
  • Confirm meaning of the message
  • Tell me if i got this right
  • Sometimes show concern

  • Offer accessible and relevant info
  • Share info 
  • Find out what he/she already knows/wants to know
  • Use appropriate language- b/g/ and education level
  • Reinforce info
  • Check pt. understanding
  • ability to put yourself in the patient's shoes
  •  communicating understanding- feelings, experience

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