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Friday, 8 April 2016

Melbourne trip 2016

Went to melbourne in March for 4 days with Bessie and Anh (ABS adventure) finally. Stayed at the Victoria Hotel. First time travelling with friends, so can tick that off the bucket list.


  • Sovereign hill- everything was a cool experience- so many photo ops- everything worth it except  the coach ride LMFAO tbh
  • gold mine tour!!!!!
  • Drunk Bessie. only one question to test if she's drunk "Were you the only one who held the gold?" LMFAO bc at Sovereign hill we all held it but she doesnt rmb
  • drunk bessie laughing while anh takes off her makeup and her eating chips on the bed and walking around in circles eating chips
  • freedom..
  • the hotel was actually DECE! for the price right in the CBD! 
  • going to the hotel sauna and heated pool one morning-- wtf the spa was closed
  • eating dumplings at chinatown
  • Drunk bessie being romantic.. "expression of love"
  • Random old guys making jokes. Sov hill and Casino LMFAO
  • In Sea life we were in the forest area and I said to Anh "Snake!" and there was a lolly snake on the ground, she screamed and jumped, so funny. this guy and his daughter was there too laughing
  • Price of the shanghai village dumplings were amazing and unbelievable

  • so much walking/plan/early mornings
  • $90 accidental uber black car ride from airport
  • tapping on at the free tram zone LOL
  • losing 20 bux at casino very quickly
  • getting lost finding our hotel

Tips for further travel:

  • Dont bring so much make up/skin care seriously its so heavy and youre not really bothered to
  • Dont bring so much clothes. 2 shirts and jeans is enough. save for shopping
  • Pack for winter if ur going to MELB... ugh.. and 1 heavy jacket..
  • no plan with exact times- Just rough and wing it to save energy

Places to go next time with liam:
  • all the top food places e.g. cumulus inc
  • top bars
  • more laneways
  • skydeck
  • ACNE 
  • LV
  • Chanel ...LOL
I really want to go to Sydney and Melbourne again for food!

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