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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Caloundra Beach Trip with the baboo

Went to the beach with lemonnn and we thought it was gonna rain today- thunderstorms according to Siri BUT IT DIDNT YAY.
It was just perfect and sunshining at the sunshine coast !
caught some waves and it was good bc there werent much people !
we found a coral! and used it to smash things!! woo woo! and went on the rocks to smash mollusces and sea things.
we tried to look for worms - took ages-  and we caught 1 but it was small so we let it go.
and i found a pretty pink crystal rock and hid it in my bra- idk where it is now lol 

non deluxe cone

after we walked around the shops and got ICE CREAM.. "shouldve got the deluxe cone" LMFAO it just had chocolate around it and sprinkles. i got cookies and creme and choc mint so yum and sat down at the tables near the sea, nice area, with lots of seagulls and there was 1 cute fat one hehe
it was so noice *_*
and then we ate fish and chips and it was very legit.
like the BEST fish and chips
handsdown best fish and chips ive ever tasted.. called beachview.. and yes beach view it is
the chips were so crunchy and we shared the large chips and there was so much but we were so full so we threw it in the bin AND GOD I WANT IT NOW
but liam didnt get forks so we had to eat it with our hands "filipino style"

anyway, i should stop raving on about fish and chips.

after we sat down at rock and went fishing AND HE CAUGHT A WHITING and it was big
so that was coool ~~ how exciting~ the line was bending so much~   i caught small whitings but they werent legal :(


after I got sunburn on my face and liam got sunburn on his back (hehe- dont kill me)

we went home- well ~ and at like 2am, pitch dark, we were both half awake but sleepy as hell and he just rolls over and says "shouldve gotten the deluxe cone" HAHHAH it was just random asf. 
but yeah. i should have.
very fun day~~ hhehe~ bye~

Also he promised to buy a rose wine for me called Zabibbo- becuase we;re weird fucking people and we laugh at words like that. we have nicknames: baboo, booboo, babib, habib,  aND he got me ROSES from his garden <333333 baboo.="" p="" ty="">

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