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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Tan Thanh Vietnamese, Inala Review

Went to Tan Thanh at Inala. It is seriously one of most Authentic Vietnamese restaurants in Brisbane. If you're looking for authentic Vietnamese food this is definitely the place you should try if you're in the south side.

Inside is more expanded with simple decor. There is usually a lot of people here since it's gained some popularity. The food is generally cheap. Mains are mostly $10, like for a bowl of Pho. and other stuff. Things with fresh herbs, (mint, coriander, blah.) vermicelli, noodle soups, and rice. And also Vietnamese drinks - and bubble tea. 

We ordered crispy skin chicken ($9.50). It came with a yummy soup (tastes like miso soup) and of course- fish sauce. (it wouldn't be vietnamese if there weren't lol). Traditionally it comes with cucumbers and tomato (but there wasn't tomato) just pickled carrot and cabbage. Was better than I expected. The good flavours are there. The chicken was a bit overcooked and dry in some parts, but the skin was definitely crisp. The idea is to get a spoonful of rice, and then soup to cleanse the palate. 

Tri-colour drink. (4.50) Essentially it's made from a bunch of sweet beans. Red bean, green bean, yellow bean paste (i think?!?), coconut, shaved ice and jelly. (usually the jelly is shredded). You mix it all up and wait till some of the ice has melted. And it's like a dessert drink. Nize. If u like beanz. (not the best from here though) Otherwise try it and it will change your mind. 

4/5. Would recommend.

P.s. #5 RANKED BLOG ON ZOMATO??! when did that happen? hm.

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