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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rant about going out & being a boss ass bitch.

I'm gonna do my phD research on "sprinkles and the effect in why it makes things taste better" ~~~~

Wish I had nice long legs that looked good in denim shorts. Saw this girl in the library at uni today with the best legs she was just walking and Omg DaMN GirL just wanna go up to her and say "nice legs" ..TheM LeGS bUt no0ooooĆ² I'm born with stubby lil fat short legs gR wHY ¿?¿ 

I mean, whatever. I like my legs but can we swap 

Saw chris!! Walking. Met up with anh and Bess at Bean cafe. For like an hour. I seriously don't even have time to go out with friends anymore also cbf bc i feel like I'm wasting time and money when I should just be studying or doing productive things. Lol eating? Unless it's at least 3.5 on zomato, no (unless ur paying). Karaoke? Nah (unless ur paying). Clubbing? No thanks Lol fuck that I'd rather be sleeping at night and drink by myself +make out w my BF instead of some sweaty dude I met 5 seconds ago lol. I'd rather go on an adventure than do mediocre things that require money or forced interactions with people I don't even like. I've totally changed. Constantly between being antisocial, social and being antisocial again. I used to go out, smile and laugh at peoples lame ass jokes and dress really nice in floral dresses and stockings and start conversations and smile but now I'm like whatever bitch lol . Aha. Ima wear black and u get to see my constant resting bitch face . If I don't laugh at ur joke and everybody else is laughing it don't mean I don't get the joke or that I hate u it just means it's not reaching the levels of funny to me~ it don't deserve a fake ass laugh. maybe u get a sympathy laugh if ur extra special . I'm not prude I am honest and sexual lol . Cold bt a sweetheart w good intentions.
 Actually I think I striked a balance. 
All I care about rn is graduating uni. N becoming a boss ass bitch
I just learned that I care about myself more, and that's totally fine. I'm allowed to, fuck the rest LOL idc
I ain't fuckin w u lol 
Honestly when I graduate I'm just gon be workin them 8hr $hifts at the hospital gettin then dollar billz
Bitchez won't c me again lol 

In saying that, I want to appear graceful. LOL.  I hate large groups. I'd rather small and intimate gatherings. I hate "people" in general. But it's different when I like a person. Some people are straight up fake bt wen they w u it's real. Yknow. (Prob not) haha lol. 

Idk it's really late. Is this a rant?! Idk ok bye 

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