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Friday, 11 September 2015

Friday 11th September

Waiting for the train. 
gloomy day

Mimo pouch

Today I went to mc cafĂ© and drank coffee at oxley and the service was really bad. And then went to the city to eat free Vapianos by myself, waited in line for so long… but I love the bread they give with the pasta. I got the pesto rosso. Pre nice. I like how they do they pasta al dente.Got it for free because I signed up to their newsletter thing and did a quick survey. The chick brung out this huge book of emails LOL so glad im not the only one. no shame tho, aint gonna miss out on free meals. Nize. Nize. aint nothin better than free meals.

Supposed to go to a birthday dinner on Monday but i have prac that day. might be tired. and it's @ Vapiano which i just went to. FML LOL DO I EVEN WANT TO GO LOL PLS CHANGE THE LOCATION LMFAOOOOO CAN I JUST GO THERE AND ORDER A COCKTAIL LOL honestly i am a bad person, but i'll go bc ppl .  ughhhh. rather spend that money on cheap alcohol.. I want all the new brown's brothers moscato spring collection i think i saw it somewhere LMFAOO HAHHA AND I STILL HAVENT RECIEDVED my RefUnd for this order i cancelled online for $47 omg WTf!?!??! crying atm

Pesto Rosso $15.90. looks small but is actually big. 
Oregano & basil plants.

Went into lush, Every time, the workers there are the friendliest and genuine people I swear, the girls are just so nice and UGH hha pretty funny and just nice. All wearing glasses like me LMAO omg *friend crush* Showed me some kewl demos n had nice convo LOL haha/ I LOVE LUSH people n their products *_* just wish I could afford them i didnt buy anything tho LMFAO gonna wait till christmas so i can spoil myself, they didnt have the lord of misrule that i wanted :-( :-)

walkin down the street n being a tourist

used bookstore

frmo the back

I walked to the bus station and went into the book store and went out. After I caught the shuttle bus and went to uni to study but I didn’t do much. Had class at 4pm and it was the last class, one my favourite tutors, she's so funny and he Australian accent is just so strong LOL. The topic was on Diabetes and obseity and the class brang chocolates and cake. Quite ironicccc. some girl brang in Dello Mano brownies and it was like $41 for a box like wtf i should have got more LMFAO

stay safe my sweet child. bought some krispey cremes n wrote a love letter n hid it LMFAO 

On tuesday me and liam were driving and we drove past this REALLY PRETTY HOUSE and we stopped just sat there in the car like o_O "wow." "can i hav." it looked really beautiful & classic. and then he pinched me with his toes which was distgusting LMFAO we have such a childish n playful relationship ; the best kind tho (insert heart emoji).

he picked me some flowers from his garden :)

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