1 OBSCURE FOX: Purling Brook Falls, Springbrook, QLD.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Purling Brook Falls, Springbrook, QLD.

Went on a hiking trip to Springbrook National Park with 9 others.  It was a 1.5 hour drive and the drive up the mountain was lovely. Anh's car speakers didn't work so we had to use the crappy Beats by Dr. Dre pill. We were just singing The Weeknd and Sam Smith mostly (but really I wanted to play indie summery road trip songs about youth- too bad almost everybody dissed it LOL, screw you guys. Just cause I have a diverse taste in music).

Pretty cool rock things.  There were huge rocks. Nice boulder.

Seeing so much lush and green makes me so calm. This was the 4km hiking track. Saw moss on a tree and me and Danny were pretending it was kush. Also "Jay Sean" took some really awful photos on my camera in awkward camera angles, so that was also hilarious and also embarrassing. 

Swimming hole! Too bad when I mentioned swimming in the group chat everybody roasted me but they still went in with clothes anyway. Yup. Swimming would have been a good idea. Even more so in the summer. 

There was a giant log you could sit on and I just there watching the waterfall and trees. Taking it all in. And it was fucking magical. The cave thingys were huge and it was really beautiful and majestic. We bought bananas to eat and I posed in some risque pics, so that was fun. By almost the end I was extremely exhausted, and we were at the top of the waterfall, and then it was  just like "oh, that's it.". Fun day. 

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