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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sydney Trip Pt. 1

Woke up with nasty hay fever. Started heading out at 8AM Brisbane time, was actually only 1 hour drive to pass the NSW border and only about 1.5hr to drive to Byron, so close! Should visit Northern NSW more often. Slept most of the way, watched the rural areas, passed the cows, sugar factory, big banana,  arrived at 3PM at Premier Motor Inn, (booking.com) pretty comfortable place, very clean and spacious. I was following the GPS on my phone and was counting down 200m,100,50...NOW! and my dad did a sharp turn- woah! almost died...funny....The lady at the front desk was so nice and knowledgable about the areas/spots to eat even though we bought a chicken at Coles and ate it at the motel room. We walked into the main part of the town, saw some cute cafes that I wanted to visit- Old Johns & Element Bar. Also restaurants by the bay; Mangrove Jacks and Latitude 30.

We ate the best fish and chips at Sea Salt, a small store which had some organic coke?? It was perfect fish and chips, batter up. Went to Park Beach South was windy asf, the seagulls were struggling and it was very funny. Sand was flying, took photos at the rock. Then walked a bit to Jetty Beach, much more relaxing and calm, the waters were nice, the place was so pretty, we also walked to the jetty and saw people doing the jetty jumps/dive. Looked in the distance and there are people walking on the hill thing... looked like Ireland.

I like Coffs Harbour because it's quiet and nice, and not overcrowded (like Gold Coast).

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