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Sunday, 8 November 2015

word vomit

i hate everyone in general
i like people
i like a person. if that makes sense.
not a group of people.
i would rather talk to a person ALONE than in a group
or something like that

i only really have like 2- max 4. people that really know me.
and it;s good to be around them.
not the "fake" me that i show to the world
i dont open up to people as much as i should
and society thinks that is a problem

i guess id rather have a few close friends
than 10 bitches who betray you

im not loud
i think before i speak
maybe a bit too much
i try not to

the real me- thats a little bit fucked up
truth is, everyone is a little fucked in their own ways
nobody is really normal
if you think about it

screw the small talk im horrible at it
i want to talk about death
about love
the meaning of life
what your favourite song is
what are your fears

i want to get to know people. (a person).

i hate going out too much
and seeing so much people
and making mundane conversations
that's not me
its physically draining
maybe once/twice a week is enough

i need time alone to process my thoughts

im a scorpio.
im complexed.
yes i know.
im introverted. but sometimes appear extroverted.
im shy but extremely friendly.
i love and hate parties.
i know.

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