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Friday, 13 November 2015

currimundi lake

went to "moffat beach" - ello poppet-
and chilled on the rocks and liam went fishing and i cut a sea squirt (cunjevoi) kinda gross green things and explored  the rocky shores which is cooooolllll i was intrigued by the rocks !!! i like seeing things exploring and discovering things and touching things wooooo!!!!!!!!

saw a tumbleweed n threw it
saw a marble blue rock n it look cool

i got attacked by the waves while swimming. hard. pretty sure ive had at least 3 nip slips luckily nobody was really there and the group of school children had already left

went to currimnundi lake @ sunshine coast -- last minute plan after dicky's beach which we always go to

it was very cool and chill since there werent so much people there and there was also a beach w these huge sand things its my fav place

the river/lake/stream thing was draining to the beach and we decided to go from one end and float all the way to the beach taken by the currents, so we floated on our backs holding hands and it was really cute.. i was happy in that moment, just passively letting nature take me away, being with someone awesome, being mindful, i could float there forever.... until we almost bumped into the black rocks and stood on a broken tree stump (lol) and the water currents were pretty strong which swept us. there were 2 people fishing and we were being incognito in the water which was funny and the water was perfect and shallow, must be weird to just see like two perople holding hands floating haha but cute literally my teenage relationship goals achieved, i just like doing stupid random stuff. i think if there was a rom-com indie movie this would be a good scene for some reason its just cute and silly

i'll add it to my "good memories" jar that i have and read it all at the end of the year. yes, i have one. for positivity and reflection lol. dont judge.

also bae got me roses and baileys and zibbibo (only cause the name funny) hehe they're so pretty i remember messenging him on facebook something like "can i hav 12 red roses" "can i have a baileys" like 3 months ago lmfao. aw im lucky girl.

discovered a cool song today: i'm god by cool clams. seldom songs make me think about life

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