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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

thOUghTs & raNtS


life is so stressful atm. its week 8 at QUT and all the students are going mad including me

Okay i have an assignment due next week which i havent started. AND i dont understand it and im just stuck. and its 50%. I have PRAC next week and i hav no clue what to do/how to prepare/when to start. i just dont want to be incompetent. bc i lost the password to the login page. and i got homework due tomorrow for pharm. So MucH 2 DO.i just bludged all day today and made microwave mac & cheese. i planned to go to uni today and study and get free ben & jerrys but it was at mt. cootha.,,... So StreSSeD if all else fails and university is a flop and my life crumbles im gonna drop everything change my name n become a sugar baby

anyone else feel like if you lived alone youd get more shit done and be more productive !?!?!??!? i just want to live alone
go out wen i want
ok i love grocery shopping idk y its just nice and calming i think
and not wear so much clothes
fuck pants
and drink alcohol wehnn i want
and turn the music up

i applied for like 5 jobs in one day and literally i just thought wtf am i doing honestly i dont think i can handle it with uni work, i am just barely surviving uni atm bc there is just so much content that i cant fuck up and so many things 2 get into my head. i should be going uni every day

anyway, this nivea in-shower moisturiser w cocoa butter is so nice and my skin feels n smells so nizce/


literally all i need + lifetime supply of coffee+10 lush bath bombs + $500k+ 30% confidence boost + 80% knowledge+ 60% energy + 109% motivation.

can u get me macaroons 12 red roses n a $5 moscato

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